How to Find Student Accommodation in Canada

Student Accommodation in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for international students. Every year, hundreds of students move to Canada to pursue their preferred courses or programs from Canadian universities or institutions. However, being a student, the most daunting task is to find a place to stay in. But fret not, Canada has many options available for the students to provide them the accommodation. These options range from on-campus accommodations to off-campus renting ones, from subletting to home stays. Let’s talk about all these alternatives in detail:

On-campus accommodations: 
Mostly, the Canadian Institutes and universities provide residence to their students, especially to students in their first year. These accommodations are generally cozy and well furnished. The rent is mostly lesser as compared to the other options. The cost of on-campus accommodations might range from $600 CAD to $1600 CAD per annum, and it varies according to the institute or university as well as the province/territory you’re staying in. Also, the accommodations are generally in the vicinity of the institute or university you’re studying in. Therefore, for international students, on-campus accommodation can be a good choice.

Renting Off-Campus accommodations:

After completing their first year, most of the students choose to (or asked to) look for an off-campus accommodation near their institute or university. Although getting off-campus accommodation might be a little complicated, but once you find it, you’re less likely to regret it. The cost of off-campus accommodations ranges from $700 CAD to $1500 CAD per month, and it also depends upon the type of accommodation and the province or territory in which you choose to study.

Home stay:

Under this type of accommodation, the residents of the particular province or territory you’re studying offer the home stay facility to the international students. These arrangements are generally made by certain associations, e.g., Canada Home stay Network.

Due to the Covid 19, finding accommodation has become quite challenging for international students. However, with proper research about the costs and availability of the accommodations according to your budget and planning, one can get a suitable place to stay.