Top Reasons You Could Be Inadmissible to Canada in 2021

Nobody wants to be denied entry to a country they have traveled to after going through a daunting application process and spending a hefty amount of money. However, there are specific parameters based on which the immigrants might be inadmissible to Canada. Here, in this article, we’ve enlisted those reasons so that you can plan your application accordingly. 

  1. Past Criminal Conviction: If you’ve ever been convicted of a crime in your lifetime, then you definitely might be denied entry to the Canadian borders as Canada strictly condemns and states it illegal to grant entry to an individual who has committed any crime in any country.

  2. Violation of Human or International Rights: This includes war crimes, crimes against humanity, or being in a senior position in a government that has been internationally sanctioned or is responsible for gross human rights violations.

  3. Involved in an Organized Crime: This means that if you’re a part of some criminal organization, or have any association with a group of members who are involved in any illegal activities, then you are not at all welcomed to Canada.

  4. Medical Reasons: If you are suffering from any chronic or fatal disease, or any such disorder that might be a threat to public health and safety, then it might be difficult for you to get entry into the country.

  5. Financial Reasons: In case the officials at the borders do not find you capable of bearing your expenses in Canada, or you’re unable to showcase any proof for the same, then you’ll be immediately sent back to your native country.

  6. Misinterpretation: If you are caught presenting any false information specifically relevant to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) decisions taken by immigration officers, or if you are found to be hiding information, you will be denied entry. This entails failing to comply with the IRPA requirements or bringing an inadmissible member of the family with you on arrival.

What to do in case you’re denied entry to Canada?

If you’re denied entry to Canada or exceeded your permit, you can apply for Authorization to Return to Canada, i.e. (ARC). However, before applying for ARC, it is necessary to know why the denied entry or inadmissibility so that you can prove that you’re in a position to be allowed access to Canada again. It is also essential for you to apply for the ARC before you apply for the Visa. For that matter, it will be suitable and helpful for you to hire an RCIC, because your RCIC will take care of your entire process. You will also not have to worry about anything as your application will be in the right hands.

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