Canada among top ‘safe and stable’ countries for international students

Due to its impeccable measures and guidelines in the view of Covid-19, Canada becomes one of the top countries that are said to be ‘safe and stable’ for international students. By doing so, Canada has retained its position of being the “go-to” study destination for students from across the globe.

According to a survey, Canada is considered to be the country, that is both safe and welcoming to the new immigrants, unlike many other countries. Moreover, Canada has proposed certain guidelines in order to  enable the international students to immigrate to their preferred country for studies. However, the students, who are willing to move to Canada are only allowed to attend the institute or university which has got the approval, based on its COVID-19 readiness plan from the concerned provincial government, irrespective of the country that student is travelling from. There is no doubt about the fact that international students choose Canada over other countries when it comes to studies and a bright career.

Needless to say, Canada is very popular for its lenient immigration policies. Even a global pandemic could not stop it from carrying forward its efforts and measures in this particular field. Initially, Canada made an announcement which stated that the country would be inviting  1.2 million permanent residents in the next couple of years, and in order to achieve this target, the international students will hold the greatest significance. It seems that the government has been successful in implementing the statement. When the Canada citizenship test resumed online, it prioritized foreign graduates on the waitlist. On top of that, Canada will also be launching two new Canada immigration pathways for Hong Kong residents in 2021, fastening its position as a refuge for those persecuted in their homeland.

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