Will Canada exceed 100,000 Express Entry invitations in 2020?

Irrespective of deadly Covid-19, Canada is all set to gear up its Express Entry records. The country plans to issue 1, 00,000 or more Express Entry invitations in 2020.

This is surely going to be astonishing in the view of the negative impact that COVID-19 is has imposed in Canada as well as all across the globe.

Before the federal govt. of Canada imposed travel ban in March 2020, Immigration minister Marco Mendicino declared that the country would target at least 341,000 new permanent resident admissions in 2020.

Since Express Entry is the major way through which IRCC manages economic class immigration applications, the economic class stands at nearly 60 per cent of all new immigrants welcomed by Canada every year.

In April 2020, due to the negative impact of Covid-19, the Immigration levels in Canada plunged down dramatically and it still seems to fall short. Hence, the federal govt. of Canada felt the requirement for new Express Entry admissions. However, people who received their COPR after March’18th are currently restricted from travelling to Canada due to the restrictions. Still, the ongoing Express Entry draws that happened on a bi-weekly basis since the start of the pandemic have been a pleasant surprise. Whereas contrary to the popular belief at the initial stage of the pandemic that Express Entry draws may be temporarily paused or they would see lesser invitations issued, the exact opposite has happened.

In fact, the record-breaking Express Entry draws with Canada are positively indicating that it still plans to welcome huge levels of immigration after the pandemic is over as on October 14th, Canada held its largest Express Entry draw ever. According to the draw, Canada issued ITAs for Permanent Residents to 4,500 Express Entry candidates. Those applicants will now be able to apply for permanent residence and, if they are abroad right now, then they will eventually be able to establish a life in Canada when the travel restrictions will be relaxed for COPR holders. Canada has issued 82,850 Express Entry invitations this year. Recently, draw sizes have seen between 3,900 and 4,200 invitations issued per draw. If IRCC invites 3,900 candidates in each of the five Express Entry draws in 2020, then it will issue a total of 102,350 invitations by the end of this year.

Even if draw sizes are smaller, and IRCC issues an average of 3,500 ITAs per draw, Canada will still exceed 100,000 ITAs by the end of 2020.

So, yet again, Canada proves that it is highly committed to welcoming more immigrants to support its economy, despite the disturbances and ruckus caused by COVID-19.

It also indicates that IRCC believes it will be able to process permanent residence applications within a reasonable amount of time.

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