Immigrating to Canada from India

Every year, hundreds of thousand people immigrate to Canada from across the world, among which 25% are from India. In fact, India became the highest source country of immigration to Canada in 2017 with the number of immigrants as Permanent Residents increasing from 30,915 to 85,585 in 2019. Apparently, Indians, in Canada enjoy better living and working conditions especially when it comes to higher wages, job satisfaction, amazing living standards, as well as splendid healthcare and education system which everyone has an access to.

So, if you’re an Indian and willing to immigrate to Canada, Dream Destination Canada team stands along with you throughout your journey to Canada as well as we disentangle the tough process for you by making it easier in just few steps. Let’s have a look-

Profile Competency Evaluation- The very first and basic step in the immigration process is to be aware of which immigration program you’re eligible to get through. This is based on your profile evaluation. At DDC, our veteran RCIC Mr. Paul Abraham assesses and evaluates your profile and guides you accordingly.

  • Documents Verification- The next step after you get to know about the suitable immigration program you’re eligible for, is document verification. Under which, our team would request you to submit all the required documents in order to be verified by our RCIC before creating your profile in the express entry pool. The required documents include-
  • IELTS/TEF language test results
  • Valid Passport
  • Photographs(passport size)
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of educational qualification
  • Express Entry Profile- The next step includes creating your profile in the EE pool. Once all of your documents are submitted and verified. We create your profile in Express Entry pool on your behalf. Your profile is active for at least 12 month in the EE Pool. You just have to sit back and relax and wait for your ITA.
  • ITA- Congratulations on getting the ticket to your dream country! After you receive an ITA, you’ll be given 60 calendar days to get your documents, including PCC i.e. Police Clearance Certificate, Medical certificate etc., ready before you apply for the Visa,
  • Visa Application- Here comes the last and final step, where in you’re supposed to walk up to the Canadian Embassy and finally apply for the Visa.

Why choose us?

If you’re confused about why you should hire us for your immigration process, then let us tell you that Dream Destination Canada is a highly professional and efficient agency based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, under the guidance of our RCIC, Mr, Paul Abraham, who has years of experience in delivering World-class immigration services for so many years. For the further details, please refer to our website- or reach out to us through our toll-free no. +1-800-795-1352 , +1-800-795-2027

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