Immigration Makes Canada a Better Country

Canada has a calculative and well-planned approach to immigration with various immigration programs that fulfil numerous requirements. The efficient immigration process has rendered the OECD appreciate the federal government’s programs to recruit skilled foreign workers and enabling their integration in the Canadian society. Canada is well-known for being an immigrant friendly nation.

Currently, immigrants constitute for one in five people in Canada. Since 1990, over six million new immigrants have moved to Canada. According to the authorities, “Immigrants and their descendants have made immeasurable contributions to Canada, and our future success depends on continuing to ensure they are welcomed and well-integrated.” This remark apparently portrays key analysis and data on immigrants’ contributions to the Canadian economy and labour market.

According a report, with an ageing population and low fertility rates, immigration plays a crucial role in ensuring that Canada’s population and labour force stay balanced. Provided that the new immigrants are, on an average, younger than the existing Canadian population, immigration can help alleviate some of the challenges of an ageing demographic.

Moreover, immigration to Canada is a tool that can help to supress the decline of Canada’s worker-to-retiree ratio. Plus, it’s expected that immigrants help Canada to fill its labour gaps.

In addition to it, when immigrants come to Canada, they eventually become a part of the consumer market and pay taxes. This means that they contribute to the economy and increase the productive capacity of the particular province or territory. 2018 Annual Report Data on Immigration reveals that Canada’s economy has benefitted from concrete gains in the size of the labour pool, mainly due to immigration.

The report also shows that, over the past twenty years, the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, productivity, and the labour force have all raised by around 1.25% per year.

In Canada, immigrants of all categories seem to have positive consequences across a range of economic indicators, including refugees. The economic performance of all immigrants increases with time span they spend in Canada.

The Conference of Board Canada, a Canadian not-for-profit applied research organization, also published many reports on the immigration impacts on the economy of Canada.

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