Indian citizens Dominate Canada Express Entry, Canada

It may be surprising to know that the Indian citizens are on top of the list of people receiving the most ITAs through Express Entry, Canada. The records say that according to the 2019 Express Entry Year-End Report, 85,300 ITAs were issued to Express Entry candidates and a vast 40,275 of those ITAs were issued to citizens of India. In contrast, the second most ITA’s of 5,886 were issued to citizens of Nigeria, and another 5,668 were issued to citizens of China. Reason being, India is the second-most populous nation in the world behind China. Indian, Nigerian, and Chinese citizens have been dominating the top three spots since 2017.

Now the question arises that how do the Indian citizens get such a massive amount of ITAs? The answer is, ITA’s are issued to those who not only meet the minimum requirements of Express Entry immigration programs but have competitive profiles and high CRS scores. Indians have a sturdy working knowledge of the English language, which is a crucial factor in applying to Canada through the Express Entry system.  

Moreover, Indian nationals are ideally befitted to Canada’s points-based selection system, which places a high value on youth, post-secondary education, and high-skilled foreign and (primarily Canadian) work experience Canada already has significant ties with the Indian population, Which makes it easier for Indians to qualify for Canadian immigration.

Canada’s attractive lifestyle, welcoming outlook, political stability and rising economy are the major factors that attract Indians to come and settle in Canada. India also produces highly-skilled technology workers, which are coveted by Canadian businesses.

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