Protect Yourself: Don’t Be a Victim of Immigration Fraud

Making the decision to apply for immigration to Canada, or any country for that matter, is a life changing event that is never to be taken lightly.

While there are many reputable, honest, and professional immigration consulting firms in the market, there are also too many scam organizations that aim to prey on unsuspecting people.

Knowing the difference can be quite easy for scam organizations that are obviously frauds. Unfortunately, some scam organizations have evolved to look authentic, to the point where even the most sophisticated consumer may have to look twice to detect this.

There are some basic and essential qualities you need to look for to ensure you are dealing with a legal, honest and professional firm:

1. There needs to be a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) overseeing all cases in the firm. Check the membership of the stated RCIC at

2. The firm must not make strident promises where they assure you of success in receiving a permanent residence visa. They must not use terms such as “guarantee” or suggest that they have special access to the Canadian immigration offices or officials.

3. The firm must offer retainer agreements issued and signed directly by the RCIC where all costs and services are clearly itemized.

Do not rely on comments or testimonials as they can be easily manufactured by unscrupulous firms.

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