Protect Yourself From Immigration Fraud

Immigration fraud is a lucrative business and comes in many forms.  It is important that you know whether your immigration consulting agency is legitimate or not.  It is important that you research carefully.

There are many types of immigration fraud, for example:

  • Marriage fraud:  It is illegal for any person to marry in order to simply gain access to a country.
  • “Guaranteed” Visas:  No consultant can/should  guarantee a Visa application
  • Claims that the process is easy and the permanent residence visa will be granted in record time.
  • The absence of the client agreement from an RCIC clearly itemizing all costs.

Ensure that before you commit to any contract(s) that you verify that the consultant you wish to work with has a valid registration number and check the number through the ICCRC website.

My ICCRC Registration Number is:  R406367.  The ICCRC’s secure website is located here:

I have been a voice for immigration consulting regulation since 2001 when I gave a seminar in Dubai on the need for a regulating body to approximately 100 immigration consultants. Much progress has been made since that time in reducing the number of bad players in the immigration market space but they have not been completely eliminated.

For that reason, it is important to keep the points I mentioned here in mind and always ensure that you are working with a properly licensed Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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