Canada Wants Immigrants and People Want to Immigrate to Canada. Here’s Why

On a per capita basis, Canada has one of the most robust immigration programs on the planet.

People often wonder out loud why that is the case. After all, despite an unfavourable climate, Canada continues to outshine all other developed countries on annual intake numbers.

Push and Pull

There are many factors to be considered when trying to answer this question. They can be broadly classified as “Push” factors and “Pull” factors.

Pull factors are those that compel people to leave their country of origin to make a new life in Canada rather than another developed country. The main pull factors include world class education at reasonable prices for students, the ease of doing business in Canada, the many opportunities for quality employment, and the welcoming and open nature of the society.

Push factors may be considered to be the opposite of the pull factors that make Canada so popular. If conditions in the country of origin are weak economically, that would represent strong push factors on the economic front. In other cases, the political climate may be difficult, thus representing another set of push factors driving people to Canada.

Canada’s push-pull equation remains quite strong resulting in large annual immigration numbers. There is every indication that this will continue to many years to come.

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