What an Owner/Operator LMIA is, and why it is pertinent for permanent residence applications

The owner / operator LMIA is a method in which a foreign person wishes to either purchase or establish a business in Canada and work as it’s manager in Canada.

There are simple qualifications:

  • The person must demonstrate a controlling level of interest in the business
  • The person is required to prove that their endeavour will support opportunities for employment of Canadians or permanent residents and/or deliver skills to the same
  • The person must retain permanent control of the business

The owner/operator LMIA is exempt from the advertising and recruitment requirements.  The owner must retain 50% of the company, and they need to be aware of the following:

  • Required:  A well detailed business plan that includes the financing, creation and/or continued maintenance of employment
  • A timeline of financial and employment events
  • The foreign person must always be actively involved and must be remunerated based on their qualifications and experience
  • The person must employ a minimum of 1 Canadian or permanent resident within the first year

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