Top Reasons for Refusal of Immigration Applications for Canada

Canada offers many pathways to immigration including study permits with a view to eventually immigrating, business immigration programs, skilled workers through Express Entry, Family Class Sponsorships, among others.

A common thread that runs through all these programs is the potential for mistakes that lead to refusal.

The most common mistakes include:

1. Misrepresentation – Sometimes the desire to succeed pushes an applicant to overstate or outright misrepresent certain aspects of the application such as employment history, travel history, or relatives in Canada. It is never a good idea to overstate or misrepresent the facts. Not only will your application be refused, but you could be barred from re-applying for up to five years.

2. Settlement funds – All applicants must show that they are financially able to support themselves and their dependents (if applicable) for their first six months in Canada. Failure to properly documents transferrable funds that satisfy the minimum requirement will lead to refusal of the application.

3. Non-correlated information – Applicants are required to clearly document their employment history, residential history, and international travels. If there is misalignment between any of these categories, it can lead to refusal of the application.

3. Security and Medical Checks – Applications are sometimes refused on a security or medical basis.

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  1. I’ve done my 12th(senior high school in 2104) and then I went to Vietnam for my job as a yoga instructor so it’s been more than 4 years since I’m working there with valid work permit and residence card. Now I want to resume my studies and my current academic background after 12th is just a one year diploma in yoga and sciences so what are the chances for me to get a study permit for Canada? Thank you

  2. Am from India and would like to get permanent residency in Canada. I don’t have any idea how to approach and whom to approach and get my doubts cleared. I worked as a teacher in indian english for higher standards and my main subject in Master’s is HR and Banking. Do I get any chance to work as a teacher in Canada?

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