USA’s Loss is Canada’s Gain

As the USA closes the door on international students, Canada continues to accept them. This has resulted in a major decline in USA international student numbers and Canada seems to be benefitting from that loss.

Factors that have been keeping international students numbers healthy in Canada, such as world class universities at reasonable prices (considerably lower than American tuition prices), the right of international students to work while studying in Canada, and a welcoming Canadian society, are still very much in play.

Now that America has actively discouraged international students, Canada is poised to take an even higher number into her colleges and universities.

Public sentiment and support for international students continues to run at high levels in Canada at both the societal and governmental levels. This translates into an expectation for international students numbers to continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

The Canadian government and the public are unanimous in their support for this turn of events, pointing to a healthy international student intake for years to come.

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