Canada’s Startup Visa for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to start a business in Canada, we’ve got just the program for you!

The Canada Startup VISA program for entrepreneurs is designed to attract world-wide entrepreneurs to help them get the support they need and get them and their business running in Canada and includes funding, create jobs so that your business can compete on a GLOBAL scale.

Qualifying and successful entrepreneur applicants for the Startup VISA program are fast-tracked for clearance to enter Canada and this program grants permanent residence which can lead to Canadian citizenship.

If this path is promising, the entrepreneur will need a Canadian Capitol Venture fund, Angel Investor Group or a Business Incubator to fund the entrepreneurs new business, and the above mentioned investors must be a designated investor by the Canadian Government.

When a designated investor agrees to support the entrepreneur’s business, a letter of support and a Commitment Certificate directly to Immigration as well as Citizenship and Refugees Canada.

Note also, that a “syndication” is also possible, which is support from more than one organization in which case the organizations supporting the entrepreneur will band together and submit a single Commitment Certificate, and the entrepreneur will receive a letter of support.

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